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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One New Entry


Hello world! It’s been awhile and I wanted to assure you that I am not dead (nor in prison) and have just been busy working on some personal stuff (and by personal stuff I mean cramming in computer games before I leave for my trip). So today I started to become more active in my ‘studies’ and read up on more photography blogs and researching equipment. On that note, I finally got my new Manfrotto MK394-PQ tripod. This is a great and sturdy tripod; the attached ball-head mount gives me so much freedom that a video tripod restricted for me. With only one easy knob, I can control 3-planes of movement at once. TRUST ME, an [decently] expensive tripod is a much between investments than buying a couple of cheapo tripods. But I digress, here’s what I came to talk about.

THE FLOOD! [Well, not literally but figuratively…I think] Today’s studies were based on the act of ‘editing’ as I have learned again from Eric Kim. As he stated, a lot of ‘editing’ is referred to the post-processing of photographs, but it really does start much, much, MUCH sooner than that. Editing is done right after you stick in your memory card into your computer (and even sometimes before); we use our eyes and mind to select the photos that stand out the most. A lot of ‘photographers’ now are zombies that ‘flood’ the net with ALL their photos. Now I admit it, sometimes I adopt a ‘too-tired-to-give-a-fuck’ attitude and upload most of my photos. But I think limiting what we show DOES make a stronger statement. Before when 35mm/analog film was the industry, everyone had to be picky; with digital people just shoot almost everything without filtering their shots. So let’s try something interesting (and see how long I’ll last). For each post I’m only allow to post up to THREE photos, although I’ll be aiming to only post ONE. We’ll see how that works out. [Is it cheating if I link an album with a few more photos in a post?]

So here’s the ONE photo to start it and sum it up. The new tripod, a newly pre-owned rangefinder, and my little dude representing the power of ONE.

P.S. As I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now, I have no clue what the differences are between using ‘()’ or ‘[]’. I’m just going to use them interchangeably for now, so it doesn’t get boring for you. 

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