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Friday, March 23, 2012

35mm Film Lives!


Today I decided to really put the film camera to the test. I’ve already run about 3 rolls of film through the Canon Canonet 28. These were done without a battery meaning that I didn’t have a meter. Because I wasn’t too sure about how they’d turn out, I only wanted to develop the negatives without printing (much cheaper option). But I realized that there were a few photos that I did want to develop. So I went out today and bought a few Zinc Air batteries to replace the banned mercury type batteries; a little DIY with some tin foil allowed me to make things work.

After shooting a roll around my apartments, I sent them straight to developing. Now I know all the ‘pros’ generally do it themselves or may send them out to better companies but a local RiteAid worked fine for me. The pictures that turned out were completely awesome with bright colors [although I really wish I was shooting some things in black and white]. The rangefinder is an amazing camera with sharp focus if done right. It’s just so fun to use! It’s semi-lightweight [well, it is compared to the monster 5D] and has a quiet shutter; it’s something that doesn’t draw too much unwanted attention to me as I find interesting subjects to photograph. Hopefully I’ll get a scanner in the near future to show you all some photos, but I just hope there are amazing things that Taiwan can show me. 

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