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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lucky Hand


Now I may be slightly intoxicated at this moment but I just realized how damn lucky I am. My family of course has been such a great support; but my friends are another huge driving force behind what I do. I know that I may have mentioned this many times, but I’ve been dealt a lucky hand of cards. I have friends that support what I do and really want me to succeed. I’ve held jobs where my managers and co-workers are the funny bunch of people. Just coming back from two dinners (yes, I’m a hippo, leave me alone) with two sets of friends made me realize this. Although I do become more ‘loving’ and ‘emotional’ when I drink, I strongly believe that what I write now is something that is hard to express when I’m sober.

The first dinner I had was with my ex-co-worker (Brian) and ex-manger (Baker). Talking with them made me realize that I have it pretty well; already let go from my job but without regrets I can cook a nice meal and enjoy it with them over a few glasses of wine and a few [although maybe a little too much] captains and coke’s. We talked about everything and anything; what I’ve learned from this conversation was that determination is the best motivation for anything. What we want to achieve can always be done, in time of course. All the awkward stories we shared and loud laughs we enjoyed really makes me wish that I had much more time to connect and get to know them better. It kind of has me wishing that I either got hired a lot sooner [or at least hung out with them earlier] or that I wasn’t heading off to Taiwan so soon. I really hope that when I get back that I’ll be seeing them soon.

My second dinner was with the crew we called the ‘Disneyland seven’ [the same hotpot group from an earlier post]. This group is like my family away from home. We share amazing memories together but unfortunately, I’m a year older than them. I just wish that we formed this group a lot sooner than the beginning of this year. What I really hate is that when we all say ‘we’ll keep in touch’ that rarely happens. What are the chances that you still keep in touch with the people you meet a long time ago? Anyway, I really do hope that after I get back from Taiwan that we will reconnect and remain friends for a long time.

Unfortunately, there’s no picture today either. When things become blurry, it’s best not to carry a heavy camera. But use your imagination: think of a beautiful family scene, add a bright sun, add some unicorns, and maybe a tree. That’s my picture.

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