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Thursday, March 15, 2012



This post is covers two days (more or less) because most my new toys arrived by then and I didn’t want to make two separate posts.

The first to arrive was my 32GB compact flash card. This was a surprise since I didn’t expect to get it until after the camera. My next arrival is my Acme Made Photo Messenger Bag. Both weren’t a big whoop until my camera came in. The Canon 5D MKII, what a beauty! This heavy set camera weights in at almost 4lbs with the 24-105mm f/4 L attached. Something about the sheer weight and size just feels right attached to the 5D. The next step (after waiting ages for the damn battery to charge fully) was to take test shots testing out all the features, modes, and video quality. I cannot believe how dumb I felt using this new camera; the learning curve for this monster is super steep.

I know I have the misconception (along with many others) that only amateurs shoot with auto while all the pro-photographers (protogs for short created by other icons) shot in manual. Controlling the ISO, f-stop, and shutter speed to gain the perfect shot was something that I was NOT ready for at the time. But hopefully the next week I’ll be able to get better at it. I’m already developing an eye to what ISO should be used depending on the weather.

After this, I started to play with my bag and the many ways to fit the camera into the bag for easy access. After about 30-40 minutes of playing Tetris with the bag and camera, I found a way to fit the set along with an extra 20-35mm lens for landscape photography. Style combined with stealth was the first thing that came to my mind. However, carrying the bag around me the whole day while I worked and walked around I realized that one thing was compromised in the design: comfort. A fitted shoulder pad would be a much welcomed relief when you plan on doing some photography all day (I was about to say street photography but using a 24-105 might be too up-in-your-face for that). Weight and comfort aside, this should make a splendid pair during my walk through Taiwan.

Well, now that I’ve shared this with the empty world of blogspot, I feel no different. Despite all the excitement and passion that I try to put into my work, it feels like a fucking waste. Just need someone to clap me on the shoulder and say ‘good on ya, mate.’  

(decided to try some long exposures. not bad for a first try)


  1. I like these two photos. It's the filter you had on that gives the Mondavi lights that twinkling effect right?
    Just curious.