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Friday, March 9, 2012

'Cute/Handsome?' and other Controversial Topics


So I’ve just gotten back from a night of heart-to-heart and drinking with my aforementioned to be best-friend [the half-German and half-Korean one for those missed out]. What I’ve realized is that I’m much more fun and have no shame. I asked our waitress tonight whether I was more handsome or cute [at this point most waitresses will say that I’m handsome to ‘establish a connection’ and get a higher tip] but of course, she replied with ‘cute’ which surprised me. Now I’m all for being cute and wanted, but I’m not a child anymore; I’m an adult with adult ambitions. But it seems okay, she was cute and beautiful all at once; a 20% tip she did receive.

Another topic of our conversations was what I hope to achieve in the bigger picture of things while I’m in Taiwan (at this point we’ve have a few to drink). In all honesty, I told him exactly what I wanted to experience and what my parents said. While my parents were in Taiwan last, they were walking on the street while there was a near typhoon rainstorm going on. They encountered a somewhat elderly man on the street who was selling veggies; in this torrential downpour, the man asked my parents if they would like to buy something. They politely declined and this man [who was in a wife-beater and pants with only a moped helmet as protection from the rain] told them to ‘stay warm and be careful in this weather’. Now what in the hell happened to this man and who does he need to support to be selling things in this type of weather? I wish I knew and was able to help this man. No wonder people think that a lot of Asians are considered ‘humble’ and nice. This is what I want to see when I go back; four times a year in four different seasons to find the true story behind Taiwan. 

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