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Friday, March 2, 2012

End of Feb


I’ve given it some thought lately. My entire college career was more or less wasted. Sure, I’ve dabbled in many different forms of art, held odd jobs from working with the government to considering odd photographic jobs (borderline between erotica and pornography) to having the pleasure of working with a well known architectural photographer Ed Asmus. What I lacked in depth I made up for in breadth. But this leads to a dead end; where the breadth must turn into a more in depth study.

Thinking that my plans were set – I knew I wanted to do art in the medium of cinematography and photography – didn't help me at all. My major here was crap and too relaxed that there was no urgency to study or stay awake in lectures; other areas of interests were so constricted by college pre-requisites that it left every student standing alone who couldn't get into those lectures. Everyone thinks I excelled in college, graduating with a 4-year degree in just three years.

Who gives a shit how fast I graduated when my brain stayed an impenetrable bunker to the onslaught of
potential knowledge?

This must be changed. I need to be challenged. About half a year now since I’ve graduated and I've basically got nothing to show but a few odd jobs. But all this free time has allowed me to think of ideas and concepts that I want to try.

I’m taking two months off to travel to Taiwan, my ‘homeland’ in a sense (if being born in America as a Taiwanese child could make it my homeland). Some consider this a time to ‘find myself’ or some other crap. For me, I plan for something much more humble; show up, walk around with my camera, drink without control and document my trip, all of it. Some days won’t be exciting and others may be insane. Regardless of funding I hope to follow this project through until the end. This will be treated like an electronic journal/diary, updated (hopefully) every night, and without limits and restrictions. [And to be clear, this every night rule only applies to when I’m actually off United States soil. Until then I have every right to be a lazy in updates.]

And tonight, it will be a decent entry as I have so much to catch you up on. First off, I’ve decided to share with you what my equipment is now. I’m using a Canon T2i and a few cheapo lenses including a 50mm prime, 20-35mm, and 35-135mm. All of which I now consider old. Looking to upgrade I've decided to crunch numbers, give myself a brain hemorrhage, and try to work it out. With the release of the Canon 5D MKIII around the corner, my prospective upgrade of the 5D MKII may just lower in cost (kit with a 24-105L IS F4 around $3300). To help with all these extra costs, I’m trying to do research on any companies that may be interested helping me in any way, shape, or form (although money in my hands is my favorite) to help me achieve something I can be proud of before I enter the ‘real world’. I also hope that any funding will push me to do better knowing that I have people – and companies – that may be let down. Help me make something of myself.

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