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Friday, March 9, 2012



What crazy idea has stemmed from drinking too much last night? In my previous post, I asked my waitress if I was more cute or handsome. Could this become a game? There have been a series of posts about these types of interesting things; the most popular (and controversial) in Taiwan as far as I know is the Taiwanese student in France who decided to kiss 100 strangers. Well, I obviously can’t do something like that; when a guy asks strangers for kisses it will be borderline rapist but when a girl does it, they’ll think it’s acceptable. Well, I’d like to keep count to see if they think I’m cute or handsome. If it they’d like to give me a kiss, I won’t be the one to deny it.

Her name is Summer. Works at Bistro 33. That much I know (or at least can remember). My only regret was not being able to capture a picture in the very beginning. The one who answered a question, to solve a debate, to start another poll. What interesting things may unfold with this?

Adventure time! Count as of now? Cute 1 / Handsome 0

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