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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Toys


Work has finally started to die down and with the trip soon approaching, I’m starting to get anxious about the purchases of two new babies (my aforementioned 5D MKII and my new pre-owned Canon Canonet 28). I tried to share my interest with some close friends but it seems like the overbearing concern was why work backwards? That’s interesting that someone would ask something like that; I’ve never really thought of it either. It’s always been in the back of my mind to get into some 35mm shooting (since I started in digital and was self-taught for the most part) and the entire rangefinder concept has been sparked by DigitalRev and EricKim with their street photography (and many other) videos.

Watching Eric’s vBlogs made me want to jump back into video again (it was my main area of study in college). What if I made review videos and hope that it’d get some crazy response and I’ll get a sponsor? My brain really needs to stop getting my hopes up just to shatter them a little bit later. But I’ll keep all my (few) viewers out there updated as my new toys come in. Aside from that, I ended up getting that bag I was considering early. Maybe I’ll write a review about it and see where that goes.

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