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Saturday, April 14, 2012

National Taiwan University


Today I walked around National Taiwan University, Taiwan’s most well-known school. The campus is stunningly beautiful and has little cafés dotted around the campus. I saw a few interesting photo ops from an architectural viewpoint and grabbed a few. The shots only turned out mediocre so this only solidifies my love for night-time architectural and landscape photography. For lunch I headed out to the campus commons where I got a vegetarian plate for about 2USD (50NTD). Taiwan culture has an amazing point of keeping college kids fed [a bunch of local entertainment shows touch upon vendors who gives student discounts and let them have free refills]. Needless to say I was relatively stuffed and the food was great and all too my satisfaction: lighty salted, mildly spiced, and good priced.

Another thing I did was to visit a somewhat famous temple around Taipei. Now this generally isn’t my thing, but I don’t think it would be a bad idea to go in, light a few incense sticks, wish for things, and be on my merry way. 

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