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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ninja Camera


Hey guys! Sorry for all this waiting for a new post (for all 7-10 of my followers). It’s just been so completely hectic these last few days. I again have been recovering from being a little sick; but despite that I still got in a little sightseeing here and there. A lot of these places I could not bring myself to bring my heavy camera walking through these dense crowds. Also went to the beach and walked around there taking a few photos. Overall, nothing too exciting to share to all my devoted followers.

Today, there is something interesting to share. I finally bought a few rolls of black and white and am ready to shoot some. Hopefully I’ll have some scans in over the next few weeks if I’m lucky. My cousin also got some black tape that’s not supposed to leave any sticky residue. We spent the next few hours performing some surgery on a few cameras to hide brands, labels, symbols, etc. to make our cameras as street friendly as possible.


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  1. Why do you need to tape up your cameras to make them street friendly? Also I am EXTREMELY upset that you didn't post, but you are forgiven. :D