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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love River


Today was extremely interesting. This was my first time ever on the back of a moped; granted it was 100cc and I’m used to being the driver of a 600cc. It was such an experience sightseeing at night on the back of a moped. My ass was rather sore in the end but it was a great experience; how I miss being on an open-aired motor vehicle during the night. Depending on where life takes me, there’s definitely another possibility to getting another Yamaha later on. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury on bring a tripod with me and that the light was a little offsetting. Ah, the beauty of an L series lens equipped with Canon’s well-known IS was enough to allow me to lower my shutter to as low as 1/6 without too much blurred motion [although I did aim to capture some motion on the bridges to give it life]. But for tonight, I’m rather tired so I’ll leave you with some landscape/architectural shots.

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