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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stinky Tofu


The market today was open and it sure was something crazy, fun, and unnerving. The waves of people had me worried while trying to juggle some bags of vegetables in one hand and then my camera in another. Trying to set the camera and find a great scene was almost impossible with just one hand; it more of a point-n-shoot kind of day. But seeing a farmer’s market of sorts was a real interesting site; crowded with everyone trying to get the attention of vendors. After a few stops, we headed home for some cooking and with ingredients this fresh and this close, home cooking has to be involved. I retract my original statement as to how so many people eat out.

My aunt also came by and I finally had what I’ve been craving since I landed. Some stinky tofu and oyster pancakes. Sticky tofu isn’t for everyone but I LOVED it; the vendor she got it from makes his own garlic chili sauce and he generously applies it to each tofu. The smell was powerful [in a good way] and was every way I remembered it; crunchy on the outside, silky on the inside, and smelly all over. Soon after I headed out to walk off some fat at the local park and then took a trip out to have dinner at the night markets.

The night market I headed went to is the biggest in Kaohsiung and it’s friendly to Westerns (with a good amount of things in English). Here I had a variety of food which I will try my best to explain. First off, the two drinks I had were pure sugar cane juice [from the browner stalks which gives a lighter flavor without a sugar crash in the end] and a jelly drink called Ai Yu with some lime-water. Both very good, but nothing out of the world. Time for the eats! They had a fried squid in different dry spices; deep fried when you ordered and either cut or whole (I prefer cut for sharing). I always love the texture differences when I eat and a fried crunchy outer shell with a chewy seafood center is always welcomed. From there I tried these octopus balls which were HUGE [about billiards size] with about two for 60NT. Next [and final due to the increasing number of people and my small stomach] were these little … jelly balls. I have no other way to explain it; tasted like a fruit mocha, but clear. It was good, trust me.

Well, ran out shortly after since I don’t really like to be in that close of a proximity to others. They touch, I yell, chaos, blood, food, Godzilla…it’s a mess. Tried some street (from the hip) again and got another pleasing shot. 

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