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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pineapple Cake


Today wasn’t too bad. Went to a ‘new’ emerging pineapple cake place that uses mostly local pineapples (where most of the pineapples used to make these cakes are imported). This brand only has one store in Taiwan and boy do they know how to make business! When you first walk in, they don’t care if you’re just using the restroom. They invite you to sit down for a cup of tea and to try one of their pineapple cakes; just about everyone who tries it buys a box or two (I bought two). There’s something about this store that makes it so much better. It’s like comparing blended pineapple [similar to apple sauce] that most other companies use versus crushed pineapples that this store uses. This distinction gives a certain texture and tastes that brings my mouth very close to a foodgasm.

On the way back, I wanted to illustrate the craziness of Taiwanese drivers in their ability to judge the space of cars. If you think LA drivers are crazy and good at space judgment, wait until you step foot into Taiwan. Taxis are known for clearing an alley at roughly 20 mph with maybe 2-3 inches on either side (and mind you, it’s not walls next to you, it’s mopeds parked at varying depths). You don’t realize this until you’re about ready to get out of the taxi and you can barely squeeze out [I am however a larger man than most Taiwanese people]. So here’s a quick picture of a police station I walked by; not sure how practical parking this way is; judging by the spray painted sides and flat tires, they are probably used to block an alternate entrance/exit into the underground parking for the station.

On a note: mosquitoes really hate the crap out of me. Or rather, they love the crap out of my blood. 

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