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Thursday, April 5, 2012



Another day, another adventure in the life of me. Today I made my way down south to Kaohsiung; taking the somewhat famous Taiwan High Speed Railway. Not as impressed as I wish it to be; rather boring if anything. If only they’d let me race a sporty Porsche (which I have seen here…although with pink overtones and driven by too young of a lady who probably had rich parents) through the traffic infested streets of Taipei. Oh the irony [for those who didn’t pick up] of owning a sports car in such a heavy congested country. And those who know me know that I’d droll over a nice and sleek motorcycle (don’t fool yourself Taiwan, mopeds do NOT mean motorcycles). I did see a Honda CBR here in the streets but the guy riding seemed to be a pansy and might as well have ridden a scooter not taking advantage of the power he had between his legs [don’t kid yourself ladies].

But I digress, what I really wanted to point out today is how freaking awesome is the food in Taiwan. Each of these meals cost roughly $4.5-5USD (about a price of a fast-food meal) but loads more exciting for my tastes buds and doesn’t make me feel like I’m shorting my lifespan. Even the American fast-food here seems less greasy than back home. I ate above the station where they had an amazing selection of cuisine that all came at an affordable price. The area is broken down into different sections, the two most popular being the curry section [where I ate] and the beef stew noodles; both smelled great but I opted for the one with the shorter line. Both were chicken curies but one was more traditional with the rice and curry and the other was more like a curry hotpot. I would describe more to you but my brain has apparently lapsed into some state of ecstasy while eating the meal that I can’t really remember. But these pictures hopefully look just as delicious.

*Any damages that occur from you licking, biting, or damaging your screen is not my fault. 

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