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Monday, April 9, 2012

Garlic Infused


I’ve been sick the past two days so I haven’t done much of anything. However, I can write a little about the research I’ve done. I looked up ways to repel mosquitoes because they’re a pain in the ass to me. It seems they are reluctant to be around where strong winds are and do not like the oil found in garlic. So I’ve spend the day setting up the fan in a location that will cover my bedroom by creating gusts without it oscillating; it was positioned so nicely that the strongest winds will cover most of my midsection while I sleep and then hit the wall and then split and cover my head and feet [I like to think I calculated this with physics, mathematics, and awesomeness]. As for the garlic thing, slices of garlic in water seemed to do the trick; my room now smells entirely like garlic but it seems to be a small price to pay to avoid swelling up bites. Apparently only female mosquitoes are attracted to blood to help spawn more of these vicious beasts; they generally feed off plants. So maybe I ought to be flattered.

Consider yourself informed. 

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