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Sunday, April 29, 2012



Today I spend most of my time in HuaLien. I ate some of their famous wontons and visited a night market here. Although that was all fun, what came next was crazy. We decided to drive up a mountain to get some night landscape in; the only problem was that we had no idea what we were doing. The road was curved in all sorts of sharp turns and completely dark (which at least made for good photography). So getting up the hill was a task in itself but after we reached a few prime places for some photos, it was worth the wait. Although the photos I took did the scene no justice, I thought I would share them all the same.

On another note, we hit a dead end and were backing down a narrow road when a car pulled up to block our way. We got out to ask the guy to back out first (and that he was going toward a dead line) and when we got to the car, I swear the entire car went dead silent thinking we were up to no good.  

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  1. Wooo, I've been here. Things are quite tasty there!