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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Freaking Rainbow


The long trek back from Hualein was crazy as we drove all around the mountains during fog and rain. It was, for a moment, like living in one of those street racing shows; of course we did not actually live the drifting part, at least not on purpose. The trip was supposed to be short, a straight shot back to Taipei after visiting the Taroko National Park, but we decided to follow the road all the way to Taichung before heading home. Through all the fog and rain, we stopped a few times to take in the sights and the beauty of being up so high above the world; this is where you stand super high and pretend to squish people between your fingers like ants. On the brighter side of things, here’s a freaking rainbow.

After passing Taichung we headed to the next county and got some food from the night market before heading home. The food, like usual, was amazing but I could already feel the heart attack to come. A huge bowl of stewed meat (with all the heart-stopping fatty oil) over rice made for a delicious meal because of all that rendered fat; it’s things that you never dream of cooking yourself that makes it that much better. All this for about 6-7USD; pretty soon I’m going to blow up like an oversized balloon (if I haven’t already).